While I was on holiday we visited Flamingo Park near Ryde on the Isle of Wight. The animal encloses had little flaps you could open to put your camera through and take pictures of the animals inside. It was while doing this that I managed to lose the lens hood off my Fuji camera. I didn’t notice at first but when I did notice I retraced my steps and spotted it lying on the floor in the flamingo enclosure. We were dashing to see first the Wallabies and then the Meercats so when I did get a chance I went off to see if I could get a keeper to retrieve it. However, as I passed the enclosure, I noticed it was no longer there. I made enquiries but it hadn’t been handed in so I guess one of the flamingoes must have picked it up and then discarded it somewhere.

I thought this was bad enough but worse was to come when we got home. I was unloading the car and had got everything out except for the stuff in the front foot well. I picked up my camera case and a few other things and at that moment I heard a car. Gillingham had just finished beating Leeds and the street was full of Policemen (only time it ever is!!) so I looked up to see if it was a Police car and as I did I heard a crash. I looked down and there was my beloved Bauer Super 8 camera lying on the floor! I picked it up and it was obvious that the handle had broken. It usually folds away when not in use but now it was hanging by the power wires. I also noticed that the auto frame rate dial was broken. I was absolutely gutted.

Bauer C107XL

I tried the camera and as far as I can see it still works but obviously the handle is very wobbly. Hopefully I may be able to superglue it in the down position. If I can I think the camera will still be usable. Curiously since I dropped it the automatic zoom control now works which it didn’t before! A Silver lining I suppose.

I had just finished running my first film through it and had thoroughly enjoyed using it so I hope it can be fixed. On the bright side I do still have my Pacemaker 250 camera which I just need to get a battery for. Either way I can’t wait to get the film developed – fingers crossed!

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