Battery bonus

A few weeks ago I blogged about how I got a Nikon Coolpix digital camera from Freecycle because the owner said it took fuzzy pictures only to find that this was due to finger trouble and a setting change has given me a nice little pocket camera which incidentally took this picture today

Anyway when I got it Sarah moaned at me because she said that she wanted one so I kept my eye out on Freecycle and yesterday managed to pick one up for her. The owner had said that the camera “ate batteries” but I’m always willing to give it a go so I went and picked it up. As she handed it to me she said that she had just put fresh batteries in it but as I walked away I couldn’t get the lens to retract so I put it in my bag. When I tried later I realised that the battery had gone flat so maybe there was something in her story.

However when I flicked open the battery cover I discovered that she had put two of the batteries that you get from the 99p shop in a packet of 12. I keep telling the kids that if they must buy batteries from the 99p shop for their cameras they are much better off buying the ones that are 6 for 99p than the ones that are 12 for 99p. Anyway I put a decent set of batteries in it and hey presto another working camera albeit without an SD card but that’s no biggie.

So once again someone’s technological ineptitude is my gain – love it!

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