3 ½ Hours

6:00 Alarm goes off

Shower & clean teeth

Empty rubbish bins from bedroom and bathroom

Sort out recycling from above

Make cups of tea

Lay table for student’s breakfast

Make 6 packed lunches

Put paper to be recycled into carrier bag

Put out rubbish and recycling

Get dressed

Walk down to Co-op to buy butter

Make Ben’s Breakfast

Finish packed lunches

Hang out washing on line

Catch Pasta (the wussy cat) and bring her back inside

Wash Sarah’s back

Try and convince Lissi to see what Students want for breakfast

Make more tea/coffee

Make toast for (my) breakfast

Clear away Student’s Breakfast stuff

Talk to them in French!!

Eat Breakfast and drink coffee

Get Ben’s clothes

Get him dressed

Give students packed lunches

Speak to them in French again

Find Ben’s shoes and put them on

Go to Loo

Get everyone in car

Drive to Rochester via Strood to drop off  Students

Drop Sarah and Ben at Work/School

Put petrol in car

One hour drive to work

Arrive on time at 9:30

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