The Black Monastery


My friend Stav Sherez has his second novel published today. It’s called The Black Monastery and is published by Faber and Faber. the synopsis is:

When Nikos, a detective in the final years of his career, is persuaded back to his home town he is faced with the gory murder of a young boy near the old monastery. Echoing two murders committed 33 years previously in the exact same spot, and a mass cult suicide, it brings back a part of the island’s history that it has tried hard to forget. There is a lot at stake – the island’s lucrative tourist trade and the open secret of the drugs trade that goes hand in hand with the hordes of mainly young British holiday makers. As Nikos begins his investigation, two British crime writers arrive on the island. The best selling Kitty Carson, on a break from the pressures of writing and her strained relationship, and Jason an aspiring writer whose aim is to strike up a friendship with her and convince her to help him get published. As the two writers are thrown together in an unexpected way, another murder is committed and Jason and Kitty are drawn into an investigation of their own. As they discover more about the island’s dark past what began as a diversion becomes a dangerous pursuit . . .

His first novel was called The Devil’s Playground and was a really excellent book which was set in Amsterdam and London and as well as covering such diverse things as body art and Nazi’s  had quite a few Grateful Dead references in it! I read some of the new book on Amazon this morning and it looks good – can’t wait to read it!


His website is at

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  1. Hey Kevin,

    Thanks so much for the plug! Great to see the book on a Dead-related site.
    Hope you enjoy the new one,


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