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  1. Kev-remember my? send me an e mail at this address-I`d love to catch up-ps i`ve just seen garry on tv-inspired me to try to make contact -cheersBrian.

  2. Hi Kevin–
    Barry Melton’s doing a benefit concert for an adult day health Center in California in early Nov. I’m responsible for publicity and would like to use some of your photos such as
    flickr.com/photos/26857142@N00/3714901866 and some SolParty photos–(2009)
    especially IMG #0400 (7), IMG 0434 (13), IMG #0483 (24), Img #0496 (30) , IMG #0528 (39)
    Are they yours and if so, would you be willing to give us permission to use them? We’re a not-for profit organization (more info about us at http://friendsofadultdayhealth.org/).
    Many thanks!

  3. Hi

    You can certainly use the one on Flickr if you credit it to me and link back to my flickr site

    The rest are from a gig Barry did in Paris with Deadicace and were taken by Neil Tungate who you can reach on neil@skipper.org.uk

  4. Hello there,

    Just an interesting fact, My dad and uncle owned the record shop middle earth in sunderland back then, I was just browsing to see if any one had mentioned it on the internet haha.

    I’m off to tell him off over the naked photo of the lady haha xo

  5. Hey up’ I’m lookin for photos of thin lizzy at Newcastle city hall 20th June 78 I was the guy with the sax during dancing in the moonlight I’ve seen the photos of me on stage with Philip lynott on the Chinatown renegade and thunder tours backstage but alas lost the guys number a local geordie I believe I would like to get in touch let me know if you can help cheers

  6. Kevin, Read your script with great interest. My mother was Daisy, thanks for the mention. She died about 6 tears ago. Your grandma was well know to me and mine of course. Was very sorry to hear about your dad, we went to the same school at the same time although he was perhaps a year or so older than me.
    My brother Geoffrey still lives in No. 10.
    Won’t go on here, you are most welcome to get in touch.
    Malcolm Young.

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