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In the days before I started this blog I used to use a blogging site – I first started in August 2005 – the site is currently still online and can be reached here. I did get an e-mail about a year ago saying they were going to delete it so I saved all the entries which can be accessed by clicking on the month below:

Entries from August 2005

Entries from September 2005

Entries from October 2005

Entries from November 2005

Entries from December 2005

Entries from January 2006

Entries from February 2006

Entries from March 2006

Entries from April 2006

Entries from May 2006

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Entries from August 2006

Entries from September 2006

Entries from October 2006

Entries from November 2006

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Then in March 2007 I ran out of space on that blog so I was faced with the choice of deleting old entries or moving the blog which is when I started using this one. In the November of 2007 I gave up due to the high amount of spam comments I was getting and set up another blog on the previous site. We had moved by then so the blog now had a new name. The archives from the few months I used the blog are below:

The View from Number One-Four-Two

The Blogger formerly known as Bloke in the Big Blue House

Entries from November 2007

Entries from December 2007

Entries from January 2008

Entries from February 2008

Entries from March 2008

Entries from April 2008

Entries from May 2008

Entries from June 2008

Entries from July 2008

Entries from August 2008

After that I started using this blog again as I has found out about Aksimet and wp-spamfree which stopped the spam comments all together. Archives from this site can be found by using the search box or the calendar function on the right.

My other two blogs are:

The Shed on the Web – which is Tales of music and stuff from the Blokezone


The Geraghty-Shewan’s Blog which is our family blog.

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