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Today was Ben’s birthday. He was 4.

When he got home from school there was a card waiting for him from his Grandad (the Northern one!). The only problem was that the card was inside a plastic bag and had clearly been opened. Naturally the £30 that had been inside the card was nowhere to be seen.

So somewhere between Sunderland and here some theiving scumbag has opened the envelope and taken out the money. The fact that the postmark had been scraped off would suggest to me that it was done by a postal worker who didn’t want the sorting office he was from to be identified.

So the question is “What sort of lowlife would open a card which is obviously meant for a child and steal their birthday money?” Not to mention the card had Grandson on it as it was from his Grandad and Great Gran who are 78 and 98 respectively. So this theiving shit has stolen from a child and two pensioners! I really do hope that they choke on the vomit that comes from drinking Ben’s birthday money!

It’s no wonder that the mail service in this country is in decline – at the end of the day (and here I’m starting to sound like a Daily Mail reader) what is to stop them? If they get caught they will probably only be suspended on full pay indefinately because of the antiquated systems that still operate inside the Royal Mail.

Rant over!

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