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Super 8 Silent film

As I mentioned on Saturday my first reel of film came back after being developed by Blue Cine Tech. the first thing I did was take it out of the envelope, wind the leader off the spool and check that there were some images on the film! Thankfully there were and they looked as if they were nicely exposed, not too dark or too light. I couldn’t wait to watch it.

Unfortunately we were just on our way out so it was the following morning when I got the chance to thread the film onto my editor and watch the film. On the whole it was quite good, camera work was quite steady and the exposure looked good. I had read mixed reports about whether the C107 XL could cope with Ektachrome 64T as it wasn’t a film speed that the camera had been designed for. the camera was originally used to either Kodachrome 40 or 100ASA film (as were most domestic Super 8 cameras).

Then when it got dark last night I got the projector out and played the film onto the dining room wall. I set up the camcorder to film it as a rough telecine technique. Sadly the video doesn’t do justice to the actual film which is much more vibrant and colourful. It does however give a lovely retro feel to it so I have added some appropriate music and uploaded it to youtube.

The whole point of running the film through the camera was to test the camera and as mentioned above to see if the film speed would give a good exposure. So that was why I bought the film and took it to the Isle of Wight on our Easter break. Since returning two things have happened which may have negated the need for the test.

Firstly as reported on returning home I dropped the camera causing some damage. Thankfully there was a small amount of film left so I was able to check that the camera still works, which it does, and thankfully I have now managed to repair some of the damage.

The second thing was that when I checked into the Blue Cine Tech website I discovered that Kodak have discontinued the Ektachrome 64T film and replaced it with Ektachrome 100D which is closer to what the camera would have used when it was first made.

Either way I’m a very happy bunny at the moment and can’t wait to get onto my next project which will hopefully be a movie of the Summer of Love party in July which I hope to use a mixture of video and film for. Then I really want to enter the Straight 8 competition next year.

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