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Every Little Helps (again)

So I blogged a while ago about implausible bargains at Tesco and a few weeks ago I was in the Tesco at Gillingham when I went to buy some cakes that had been on special offer of £1 a packet. However when I got there I noticed that the price had changed:

Tesco Gillingham

Now I wanted to buy 2 packets but didn’t in case I was charged 30p extra! Now up until this point I thought that the signs were the result of some in store cock up. Maybe they got some junior member of the management team to do them or something like that. However after going on holiday to the Isle of Wight I saw something that made me realise that I had been wrong!

Tesco Isle of Wight

This now makes me think that these things come from head office already printed up and the staff in the store mearly pop them in place. It really makes me wonder about the calibre of the management of Tesco’s that these things can be put up in all there stores and no one questions it! So from the person at head office that initialises the offer, to the person in store who receives it, the person who puts it on the shelf, the manager of that department and the store manager – none of them either notice it or if they do they don’t question it…..and that’s in every store! It really makes you wonder how Tesco is so successful!

While I’m on I thought I would share my shopping experience in my local Tesco last night. We went to Tesco at around 10pm last night to beat the crowds and so we could leave the girls looking after Ben who was asleep in bed and hence have a peaceful shop without him running off every few minutes! Unfortunately we were wrong – within a few minutes of entering the store we started to run into trouble. They were stacking the shelves, which I concede they have to do while the store is open as they open 24 hours a day, but there just seemed to be a complete disregard for their customers. Almost every aisle had been filled with trolleys to the point where getting down the aisle was almost impossible. The first aisle we went down, the butter & yoghurt aisle was so full I almost had to push something out of the way to get my trolley through. There was produce scattered on the floor, staff stacking shelves and about 6 trolleys, one of which had been upended to put rubbish in. A complete nightmare and Health & Safety disaster area.

tesco 2

But at least there were people in that aisle! Most of the aisles had just had trolleys dumped in them and no one was even there. The fruit juice aisle and the  a number of other were virtually impassible which again must lead to questions about the safety of the members of the public if there were a fire.

tesco 4

tesco 3

I was also bumped into my a member of staff on at least 3 separate occasions – either pushing a trolley and not looking where they were going or turning round quickly after finishing stacking a shelf and belting me with an empty box.  But the piece de resistance came when I spotted his chap up a ladder removing ceiling tiles!

Tesco 1

I don’t know what he was doing but as you can see there are no warning signs for the public, no area cordoned off in case he dropped one of his tiles. His ladder is just put up between trolleys of food to go on the shelves, not even a second person footing the ladder. I don’t know what he was doing but surely it could have been done when the store is closed at the weekend.

There just seems to be scant regard both for the convenience or the safety of their shoppers and effectively if you go to a Tesco store after 10pm then you take the chance that you might find yourself shopping in an extension to their warehouse!

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