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Isn’t life wonderful

I’ve owned a minidisc recorder for many years and despite it having to be repaired once in the past it has been a very reliable machine. It’s a Sharp MD MT161 and I bought it probably about 12 years ago. It was a good choice because much later when I wanted to buy some microphones (Core Sound) it turned out that the Sharp had the necessary microphone power to make it work.

Then about 6 months ago I went to record something and to my horror I just kept getting a error message whenever I inserted a disc. I thought that it probably wasn’t worth getting it repaired because of it’s age so I looked on ebay for a replacement. At the time there weren’t any of the same model so I ended up buying a Sharp MD-MT190 which although quite similar wasn’t as user friendly and it could only be used with the rechargable battery which was quite specialised.

So for some time I had been considering buying another MT161 but whenever I looked on ebay there either wasn’t one available or they were going for more than I wanted to spend (or felt I could justify). Then yesterday I saw an e-mail on Freecycle offering a load of DVD’s and other items. At the bottom it just said Sharp minidisc recorder so I thought why not. I was lucky enough to be given it and I went to pick it up on the way home.

When I arrived I was handed a carrier bag which, when I looked in it, I couldn’t believe my luck. There was a Sharp MD MT20 which is virtually the same machine as the MD MT161. In addition there was a mains supply/charger, a remote control, a case, a optical cable and about 15 minidisc the majority of which hadn’t even been opened.

md mt20

I’ve checked it out and it’s in full working order – in fact judging by the condition it’s in I would say it’s hardly ever been used – aren’t I the lucky one?

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