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A Picture that touched the world

This picture taken during the Vietnam war was seen all over the world. I seem to remember seeing it on the news at the time in 1972 – it shows a family running from a napalm attack. the girl at the centre was running naked because the 1200° C heat caused by the napalm burnt the clothes from her back.

Today on Radio 4 there was an interview with the girl, Kim Phuc, who now lives in Canada. She was interviewed by former ITN reporter Christopher Wain who was there with a film crew on that day and who along with Nick Ut, the photographer who took the iconic picture, helped to save her life that day and in the days that followed. She was taken to a Vietnamese hospital but she wasn’t expected to live and the men from the international press who witnessed the event organised getting her transferred to a better hospital.

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The Story behind the Picture #1

This picture was in the Croydon Advertiser in about 2003 – it was taken outside Witchfest at the Fairfield Halls during my Morris Dancing days with Wolf’s Head & Vixen. We were performing at the festival and were asked by a photographer to pose for a picture outside. Keith and John still dance for the side and in fact feature in the video in this post.

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