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Cine update

So I have had a successful couple of weeks on the cine front. After my previous blog entry I spotted a lovely looking camera on ebay which I wasn’t going to buy at first but when I discovered that it did single frame shooting I decided to go for it. It was a Bauer C107XL super 8 camera and I managed to buy it for the grand sum of £3.20! It was near where I worked too so I could go and pick it up.

Bauer C107XL

I also managed to buy a Eumig projector from a lady in Maidstone for £5 which was useful as I had £5 on my Paypal account as a credit from an earlier purchase. The best result came when I bought a Prinz Cine editor from a man in Cliffe who was selling it for his mum who live in Strood. Not only did I not have to go all the way to Cliffe to get it but when I got there his mum wouldn’t accept the 99p I won it for and let me have it for nothing!

cine editor

So I had a camera, an editor and a projector and all I had to pull out of my pocket was £3.20! But wait it gets better yet.  I’d also put  an advert on Freecycle which I started to get replies from. First I got a message from someone else in Maidstone who said he had a wind up camera, he said it was Super 8 but I doubted that. When I collected it I was proved right as it was a standard 8 camera – a Rondo Cinematic Zoom 8 camera, very similar to the one my Dad had given me that used to belong to my Uncle George.

I was also contacted by a lady who said her in-laws had some equipment they no longer wanted but as yet that has come to nothing. Then I was contacted by a lady who told me she had some stuff that used to belong to her father but she wanted me to reassure her that I wanted it for my own use. So I told her all about my plans and she said I could have it. She lived up near where my garage is so I popped up there one evening to collect it.

Magnon 800 ZSR

When I got there I couldn’t believe my luck. She gave me a camera, an Ilford Elmo 8-CZ standard 8 camera complete with a handgrip and a home made leather case. There was another projector that, given everything else was standard 8, I assume would be the same. There was also an 8 mm editor and a splicer but best of all there was a box of films. In the box there was a couple of movies – Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy plus about 8 reels of vintage home movie films that her Dad had taken on holiday in Europe in the mid 60’s. He had even made his own soundtracks for them which were also in the box as was the reel to reel tape player.

The only problem there was was that the lead for the projector had perished and needed to be replaced. It wasn’t a standard kettle type plug but looked like it may have been a predecessor of one. So I took a standard IEC mains lead and cut the end off it. I undid the plug on the old one and found I needed to get my soldering iron out! Once it was all put together I plugged it in and……nothing! I got my meter out and discover the fuse had blown in the plug so I replaced it and plugged it back in – the projector sprang to life. I grabbed a film and…


The movie turned out to be a Laurel & hardy movie in black and white

Laurel and Hardy

I was keen to project another film so I found one on a small reel – on threading it I discover that it was a super 8 film and that the projector was, despite my previous thought, capable of playing both formats. I looked into the history of the projector and it dated from the early 70’s whereas everything else was from the mid 60’s so I’m guessing that it may have been a replacement projector that he bought at a later date. I then dug out one of the home movie reels and projected that – the results can be seen below (sorry about the poor quality but it was shot on my cameraphone.



I’ve now also bought a film for the Bauer camera, it’s a Kodak Ektachrome 64T Super 8  reversal film which I shall use as a test film to see what the camera is like. I suspect it may come to the Isle of Wight when we go away on holiday in a couple of weeks.

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