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Here comes summer

As I left work tonight I noticed the tiniest sliver of light still visible above the horizon – the first time for months. This means that the nights are starting to get shorter and the days are lengthening. Soon it will be spring and then summer will be a coming in!

A touch of optimism for a cold Monday evening!!

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We’re all going on a Summer Holiday

No more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on a summer holiday.
No more worries for me and you.
For a week or two.


Were going where the sun shines brightly.
Were going where the sea is blue.
Weve seen it in the movies.
Now lets see if its true.


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Driving home

Sunglasses on

Sunglasses off, Windscreen wipers on

Windscreen wipers off

Sunglasses on, Windscreen wipers on

Sunglasses off

Windscreen wipers off, Sunglasses on

Sunglasses off

Typical British summer weather!

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