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  • A bus came by and I got on

    Thursday was a low point musically as Sarah wanted a lift with me on the way to work so I had to listen to her music in both directions.

    I've been really busy at work these last two days as I'm off on holiday on Saturday for a week and I've been working hard to get everything finished before I go.

    Last night I was pointed in the direction of a really cool download on etree. Someone had put together a montage from lots of different live versions of the Grateful Dead song "That's it for the Other one". This isn't a new idea after all the original version that was released on Anthem of the Sun was exactly that. And John Oswald did the same thing with live versions of Dark Star for the albim Greyfolded.


    So I downloaded overnight and listened to it in the car on the way to work this morning. It's really good and longer than any Other One the group ever played.

    I also listened to a recording of a great show that I went to in Belgium in 1997. The band in question was Phish and I saw them at La Botanique which is documented on my website.

    Oh well off on holiday back in a week. It's Ben's first ever holiday which gives me a good excuse to post a picture of him looking cute.

    Ben being cute

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  • The Big-nosed Boy from Barking

    A few days ago I downloaded a recording of a Billy Bragg show from the Live Music Archive and I listened to it on the way home last night. It was a recording of an Radio 1 In Concert programme from 1984 which featured a set from Hank Wangford as well. I remember listening to it at the time and if I searched my garage hard enough I'd probably find I had a tape of it too.

    Hank Wangford - part time Country and Western singer, part time Gynaecologist - "I still do it once or twice a week just to keep my hand in!" I saw him once at the Royal Standard in Walthamstow which he pronounced in a fake American drawl. One of the joys on the disc was the final song "Jogging for Jesus" with it's unforgettable chorus

    Jogging for Jesus
    Jogging for Jesus
    Jogging for Jesus
    Down lifes long highway

    Jogging for Jesus
    Jogging for Jesus
    Let Satan go skating
    His sin spinning way

    Billy Bragg\'s first album

    It was in 1984 that I first saw Billy Bragg at my first ever Glastonbury Festival. Things were more political back then with the Miners strike and good old Mrs. T - Stand down Margaret, Stand down please. Back in those days Labour was left and Tories were right. The first gig I went to after I moved to London the following year was Billy Bragg at the Stoke Newington Town Hall where I got in for a reduced rate as I still had my UB40.

    The tape included some of his political songs such as Which side are you on? and Between the Wars which should have become an anthem for the left wing. It sent a shiver down my spine hearing again after all these years.

    Call up the craftsmen
    Bring me the draftsmen
    Build me a path from cradle to grave
    And I'll give my consent
    To any government
    That does not deny a man a living wage

    but at the same time it included some of his quirky love songs such as A New England and A Lover Sings which includes the following lines that I've always loved

    And you're the kind of girl who wants to
    open up the bottle of pop
    Too early in the journey
    Our love went flat just like that

    While I was driving home my phone rang and it was Rhianna who had got off the bus at the wrong stop and her and her friend were lost somewhere in Gillingham. I had to pull over and get my A to Z out and help her find her way home.

    Sliding doors

    In the evening I watched the movie Sliding doors on BBC 3 which stars the "lovely" Gwyneth Paltrow and I was reminded of the time I bumped into her at Nice Airport. Well actually she bumped into me, actually she barged her way past me as she thought I was taking to long to find my passport and jumped in the queue in front of me.

    My first instinct was to shout "oi love who do you think you are" but I didn't which was just as well as she probably would have thought I was taking the piss (I didn't actually know who she was at the time it was I only found out when the check in girl told me)

    Anyway she sat opposite me on the plane in Club Class and I was horrified when I saw the Stewardess offer her a menu and she simply ignored her as if she wasn't there. Maybe she was lost without her PA who had been sent off to tourist class at the back.

  • Busy Day

    Yesterday was a full one. I had to go to Manchester to look at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel which is built on the site of the old Free Trade Hall. If you're a Dylan fan you will know the relavence of the venue - it was the scene of the infamous "Judas" concert in 1966. The venue has now been virtually demolished (only the front facade remains) and replaced with a posh Hotel. I was disappointed to see that they didn't have a Dylan suite amongst the conference rooms!!

    Bob Dylan and the Hawks at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, 17th May, 1966

    My Dylan pages

    I had lunch in Wetherspoons in Piccadilly - Manchester has changed a lot since I lived there 20 years ago. It's really nice now but there is still a lot of building work going on.

    I came back on one of Virgin's tilting trains - we were sitting waiting to leave when the train manager came on the tannoy. Apparently the driver had told her that he had to "reboot" the train. However after the reboot it still didn't work (must run on microsoft software - haha). We then had to go and get on another train so I was late getting back.

    I listened to lots of music today on my Archos - a lot of Dyaln stuff - Street Legal, still one of my favourite of his albums, Desire and Blood on the Tracks. Curiously though, given where I'd been, not the "Albert Hall" bootleg which is on there.

    I can't stop listening to the Willie Mason album "Where the Human's Eat" which I bought in Sunderland at the weekend. It was one of those moments, that hasn't happened for years, where you go into a record shop and they are playing something which you know instantly that you have to buy. I listened to it twice today.

    Willie Mason CD cover

    Beth was sick all day - could have been the same bug that Rhianna had last week.

    By the time I'd got home and we had got organised it was nearly 10pm when we set off to go to Tesco. We did our shopping and got to the check outs at about ten to eleven. There were only 2 open and the queues were long. At 11pm all of the checkouts did their daily update and we then had to wait another 10 minutes for them to come back on line. By the time I got through it was too late for me to buy the bottle of beer I had in my basket. That was bad enough but then I tried to use a clubcard voucher and the checkout girl told me I hadn't spent enough on Fruit and veg which we had. The checkout girl then threw a wobbly and walked off leaving the head of security to sort it out. The Duty Manager was called but she was useless and "could only apologise". She said she'd get the checkout manager to phone me but I bet he doesn't. It was nearly 11:30 before we got out of there.

    So by the time we'd put the shopping away and had something to eat it was the early hours before we went ot bed. Just before I went to bed my Belkin wireless network suddenly started dropping out again. I thought that updating the operating system (XP) with all of the latest updates had sorted it. It runs ok for hours and then suddenly despite the fact that the signal strength is strong the network suddenly becomes unavailable and the only way to get it back is to reboot. If anyone has any ideas - answers on a postcard

  • Let's start at the very beginning!!

    Wow my own blog!! Well everyone else is doing it so why not me!

    If you haven't been there already my website is at

    More stuff later

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