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  • Out on the weekend

    So me and the missus were thinking for going to Brighton for a night out this weekend. We had planned a meal and a nice hotel but I suggested to her indoors that we go clubbing!!!!

    So she asked a gay friend if he knew any clubs and he said Revenge. At work today I asked a Lesbian colleague and she suggested the same club. So I went to look it up on the internet but our firewall came up with a message saying the category "Gay and Lesbian" was blocked.

    I pointed it out to my colleague and told her she should complain so she did!!

    She shouted across the office to the manager "'ere Kevin was looking for a gay club in Brighton and the firewall won't let him view it"


    Sadly it now looks unlikely that we will be able to go this weekend :(

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  • Top Banana

    Sitting at the dinner table last night with Benny in his high chair eating bangers and mash. Well we?re eating Ben doesn?t like the look of his.

    "Dad-dee, Dad-dee?"

    "Yes Ben?"

    "narner" he said pointing in the general direction of the kitchen

    "No Ben, eat your dinner first!"


    "Mum-mee, Mum-mee"

    "Yes Ben?"


    "No Ben, eat your dinner first!"


    "Bex, Bex"

    "Yes Ben?"


    "No Ben, eat your dinner first!"

    Longer Pause

    "Sis, Sis"

    "Yes Ben?"


    "No Ben, eat your dinner first!"

    Kids! - don't you love their optimism!

  • It's the wife's birthday today

    Happy Birthday Sarah/Sassywas

    x x

  • Lost my ring!

    Driving into work this morning I look down and suddenly I spot my wedding ring is no longer on my finger 88|

    Panic suddenly sets in - where the f*ck is it!!!!

    Thankfully for my sanity (and indeed my testicles) it's in the first place I look for it. It had fallen off in my bag as I rummaged around for my mp3 player.

    Ok heart you can stop beating so fast now!

  • RIP Uncle Ron

    I just found out today that my mum's brother died on November 7th aged 77. My Dad found out just before Christmas after he had sent them a Christmas card.

    I don't think I'd seen him for over 10 years. The last time I remember seeing him was at my Nans funeral at the end of 1990. My mum and her mum both died that year and after that I lost contact with that side of my family - in fact the only contact I've had was on here a few weeks ago from a cousin.

    My uncle died of throat cancer joining his two sisters who also died of cancer. The last sister lived in Luton and I haven't seen her since the late 80's - don't even know if she is still alive.

    Families eh?

  • Suitcase found

    Thankfully the missing suitcase has apparently been found and is on a plane between Kuala Lumpur and Heathrow - it should touch down at about 5:30 tomorrow morning. I was beginning to get worried about ever seeing it again as it had been so long without any word.

    Here is a list of the stuff that was in that case

    The four Bridesmaid dresses from our wedding
    Two Bridesmaid dresses from Sarah's sisters wedding
    All the wedding shoes - 5 pairs
    Benny's suit and waistcoat from our wedding
    The album of pictures from Sarah's hen night that one of her friends had made for her
    All yougest daughters homework she had done on holiday
    Sarah's feather Boa and other souvenirs from our Priscilla trip
    - including the infamous pingpong balls
    Presents for friends and family
    About three quarters of Sarah's clothes including a brand new pair of trainers
    A load of Benny's clothes including stuff Sarah had borrowed from friends
    Christmas prezzies
    and much more

    So glad it's turned up again

  • Ozzie Rules Spider


    This is the spider I had to remove from one of the bedrooms one night!!!

    Anyone know what type it is?

  • Like father like son

    chip off the old block

    Just like my Dad

    Luna Park Melbourne 29/12/06

  • Holiday Pics part 2

    Some more pictures of our holiday


    The cottage where we spent our wedding night

    See some wedding pictures here

    priscilla bar

    The Priscilla Bar at the Lyric Theatre Star City



    luna park

    Luna Park, Melbourne


    Santa Claus - Geelong Style

    new years eve

    New Years Eve on the beach

    sydney 1

    Darling Harbour, Sydney

    sydney 2

    and at night


    We found him!!!

    sydney 3

    Sydney Harbour Bridge


    Buskers at Circular Quay

    emu man

    Emu man - don't ask!!

    sydney 4

    The Opera House

  • Been that sort of morning already!

    We overslept this morning - the alarm went off but I switched it off and promptly fell back to sleep again. Thankfully Ben woke us up as we had to get youngest daughter off to a local school to sit her 11+ exam. So it was a bit of chaos to get her out of the door but at least she didn't have time to stress about it!!

    In the middle of all of this I found a text letting us know that our friend Hanna had had her baby at 1:46 this morning - I blogged about it back in July. It was a baby girl Lillie Gwen and was 7lb 3oz - aw!

    So when I dropped her off I had all these things I wanted to say to her - good luck, do the best you can etc but when it came to saying it I was a blubbering mess - typical! I'm sure she'll do well though.

  • Holiday Pics part one

    Here are some pictures from our Holidays

    barwon heads

    This is Barwon Heads where we stayed

    le vista

    And this is the house (with one of the cars and the mini-bus) we rented


    A wombat....


    A koala....
    me and snake

    And me with a snake at the animal refuge near the house

    great ocean road

    The Great Ocean Road

    great ocean road 2

    The twelve Apostles

    surf lessons

    The girls have surf lessons

    suma park

    This is Suma Park where we got married

    More pictures later

  • 5am Chatham

    We got back about 9:30 last night (minus one suitcase - more later)and were picked up from the station by some work friends of Sarah's. When we got back to the house we found that the house had been tidied up by the friends who were keeping an eye on it and there were "Just married" posters and balloons all over.

    We are currently sitting downstairs with a small boy who thinks it's time to get up and play and can't understand why CBeebies isn't on at this time of morning. We've also been joined by Sarah's youngest daughter who also can't sleep. Jetlag is marvelous isn't it!!!

    When we arrived at Heathrow after 36 hours of travelling one of our suitcases was missing. It's the one with all the Bridesmaid dresses and Benny's little suit in it. Just what we needed!! It was the third time this holiday that I've had to fill out a missing luggage form. Until we unpack the other three cases we won't know what else is missing. Hopefully it'll turn up soon.

    Anyway more later - pictures too hopefully!!

  • 6 am Kuala Lumpur

    We flew from Sydney to Melbourne yesterday (or today for you) to catch the flight home - Benny had to sit on my knee all the way.

    We arrived in KL at 6am this morning (or tomorrow morning for you)

    Only 5 hours to wait for the next flight

    Benny fell asleep as we taxied to the runway in Melbourne and woke up just after we landed here!!!

  • Coming home tomorrow


    We're in Sydney now and it's our last night - we fly back to Melbourne tomorrow and then on to London. We've had a great time and we don't want to come home.

    I'll tell you all about it when i get back but here is a picture of me at the Ashes last week to be going on with (yes I know we got thumped)


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