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  • Mr Stressy Pants

    Oz minus 10

    Oh my God what a stressful few days we've just had. In the run up to the trip down under and of course the wedding everything just started to go wrong.

    Firstly there was Benny's ticket having the wrong surname on it. You'd think it would be easy to rectify wouldn't you - but no!! Two weeks of increasingly frantic phonecalls to ebookers later and at least the name change has been done on the system but we are still waiting for the ticket to arrive.

    In the end I had to insist on speaking to a supervisor at ebookers who after she heard my tale accutally assigned someone to look after me - you would think this would be standard wouldn't you but no. Nobody was handling the problem so things were only getting down when I was phoning in. It didn't help that they gave me their own fax number instead of the airlines at one point.

    Malaysian Airlines then dragged their feet having to send the details all the way to Kuala Lumpur to get permission to make the change - good grief. So today I could finally book 9 seats together and get permission to take Benny's carseat on. That was a struggle in itself - you'd think that they would have a list of compatible seats but no that would be too easy. In the end we had to take the one in Sarah's mums car as we could find info about that one.

    Then in the middle of all this we went back to have a dress fitting for the dresses that needed further alterations and they had seriously messed one up. It ended up being 3" too short!!! The dress came from America and there was no time to get another one sent over. In the end the seamstress had to make the whole bottom half ofthe dress again out of material similar to the dress colour. A very agonising wait over the weekend worrying about the possibility of having to find 4 more dresses at short notice. Thankfully it worked out ok.

    So now we're onto the packing and at least the stress levels, almost unbearable over the weekend have now dropped to merely heart attack inducing!!

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  • Help needed

    To scrape 4 children down off the ceiling!!!

    Less than two weeks till we leave for OZ

  • Reasons to hate Christmas pt 5

    Ferrero Rocher


    Nasty Chocolates and their ads are awful!!

    "With these Ferrero Rocher, you're really spoiling us"

    (for parts 1 to 4 see last year in archive section)

  • Wired for sound

    My MP3 player broke :**:

    I bought an Archos 20GB player about two years ago and I loved it - I have very wide ranging tastes in music so being able to carry so much music with me was great. I thought it was a great little machine until three weeks ago.

    I was on a train up to London and it just suddenly stopped working. I tried everything and nothing worked so I phoned up Archos. they said to send it to them for repair which I did. I waited ages and eventually they came back with a repair cost. The hard drive had failed and the cost to repair it was £105.

    Now I kind of think this is a bit steep as it only costs £135 to buy a new one. I paid £180 for it less than two years ago which means it has cost me £90 a year!! I'm not going to give them the money for the repair and I can't afford to buy a new one - even if I could I'm not sure I'd want to buy another Archos anyway. A google search shows that they are prone to HDD failures so again if this is a common fault why should I have to pay so much.

    Anyway with the trip to Oz coming up I don't want to be without one so yesterday I bought a cheap and chearful 2GB from Dixons (sorry Currys.Online) for £25. It's ok and will do for now but there is a fundamental difference between it and my old one. The old one allowed you to play albums the new one only lets you plays tracks (as far as I can see) which is not the way I usually listen to music.

    Oh well beggars can't be chosers as my Granny used to say!!

  • The hen night picture

    hen night

    No need for words me thinks!!

  • I want to look inside your head

    I went to the hospital on Friday to get the results of my CT scan. They had a map of my head on a computer screen - amazing how all those brains fit inside my head ;)

    Anyway the reason I had a scan was due to the headaches that knocked me flat for 3 weeks earlier in the year. I've been getting them for 7 or 8 years, usually once a year and for about two weeks. They are excrutiating and knock me sideways. No one seems to know what is causing them.

    Anayway I'm still non the wiser as the scan didn't show anything. It's not my sinuses which is what they've been treating me for the last few years. They've given me a nasal spray and if it doesn't work I have to go back.

  • Girls just wanna have fun

    She's gone out on her hen night but she was nearly an hour late getting there :roll:

    I'm a bit worried about the tape measure in her handbag though!!

  • Pull up to the bumper

    Why does this always happen?

    When ever I have to go to a parents evening or get home at a certain time to do something there is always really bad traffic and I'm horribly late. In fact it happens so often that I am beginning to believe that I influence the traffic through some sort of cosmic thingy!!

    Tonight I had to get back for my eldest daughters parents evening as it would be the last one before her GCSE's. I had had to rearrange work commitments to get away. I left early and gave myself 1 hour and twenty minutes to do the one hour journey.

    I got as far as Keston and got stuck in a jam because there had been a crash and a car had gone through a fence.

    Then on the A21 just south of Pratts Bottom there was another queue at the roundabout. This turned out to be because cars were leaving the M25 to avoid the traffic jam that was on there. I knew as soon as I got to the slip road and saw the 40mph signs that I was in trouble.


    No sooner had I managed to escape the jam and get onto the M20 than I ended up in another jam.This was a combination of the traffic from the M26 merging, the roadworks at junction 4 and an accident on the other side of the road that had closed the London bound carriageway.


    I eventually arrived at the school at 7:10 after taking two hours to do 35 miles. I'd missed most of the appointments.

    After yesterday and tonight I'm so sick of this overcrowded corner of the country and could happily emigrate!!

  • Let them eat cake

    I left home at 8am this morning to drive the 35 miles into central London where I eventually arrived at 11:15. Most of central London was at a virtual standstill.

    The reason for this became obvious as I reached Embankment station. The Police had shut off the area around Parliament because of the state opening. And when I say shut off I mean shut off - huge concrete blocks had been placed across the roads.

    So in order to ensure the safety of the "great and the good" the rest of us were left to suffer and struggle through the mire. And we still had to pay the f-ing congestion charge! :##

  • Rant about cufflinks

    Why do all the cufflinks in the world look like the ones my Dad used to wear 35 years ago?

    and why can't I find the nice ones I used to own?

  • Its a nice day for a white wedding

    The weekend was taken up by runing round buying stuff for the wedding. We started off on Friday afternoon when we ordered matching waistcoats for me and Benny. I had to chase him round the shop to get the thing on him and then again to get it off him again. Still he will look cute when he's got the whole outfit on - when we buy it!! I also managed to order shirt for me too.

    Saturday we went to Beckenham for the dress fitting - I was banished from the shop with Benny so we walked around the streets while all the girls were fitted. There were 8 dresses in all with the ones for Sarah's sisters wedding as well. Sadly half of them needed furthur alterations so we will have to go back again in a few weeks.


    We stayed overnight at Sarah's mums house and went shopping in Bromley on Sunday which is probably the only shopping centre in a 30 mile radius we hadn't searched for clothes. We did manage to get some stuff including a little wing collar shirt and suit for Benny. We also got my youngest daughter something to wear for the other wedding - phew!! Sarah bought something for that wedding too but didn't have time to try it on and when we got home it was too big so I'll have to return it this week.

    At one point we were pushing Ben round and he was shouting Sorry! Sorry! from his pushchair. When we looked he was missing one of his shoes. We retraced our steps several times but we couldn't find it so we had to buy him a new pair. Typically Mothercare didn't have any for him so we had to buy them in next - they're well cool though!!

    We had managed to send three of the kids off to do Christmas shopping and I was looking forward to a nice Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks but when we got there there were no seats so we had to go to Costa instead. They were doing a spiced ginger latte but it wasn't the same without the cream on top!! By the time we got home we were shattered.

    So because we were busy all weekend I had to go to Tesco tonight instead. I ended up being in there for nearly two hours and was starting to lose the will to live (something that doesn't usually happen till much nearer to Christmas!! The reason for my dispair was my daughters shopping list for her Food tech lesson at school. On the list was malt extract which I couldn't find anywhere. I could find Beef extract, vegetable extract, yeast extract even horse tail extract (whatever the f*ck that is) but not malt. My eyes were aching and my head was spinning by the time I left.

  • It's three o'clock in the morning dammit!

    and I've just got in from work.

    Wish I could think of something intellegent to say but a 19 hour day sort of puts an end to that.

    Oh well nearly the weekend :0)

  • Just like dominoes

    One by one we've fallen to the virus. First it was Sarah, then me, then my youngest daughter, then Sarahs eldest and finally last night her youngest (and we think my eldest has had it as well).

    We have done nothing all weekend except mop up sick and worse. I had to go out and restock things like Dettol, anti-bacterial wipes and toilet rolls yesterday.

    What a weekend!!

  • Through the eye of a needle

    So yesterday it was my turn for the tummy bug that has been making it's way round the Big Blue House. Poor Sarah no sooner had she managed to get off the sofa than it was taken over by me....and you know what a pain in the arse blokes are when they're ill.

    I was supposed to be going Dumper Truck Racing yesteray as well - a birthday prezzie from last year but that went out the window as did the fireworks last night.

    Today it's the turn of Sarah's eldest daughter to be sick and apparently my youngest daughter threw up all over her mother house yesterday too.

    ...and we're running very short of toilet roll too!!!!

  • They're home

    Good news Ben and Sarah are back from hospital

    It turns out it was just a virus not the fall that was making him sick - how do we know?

    Bad news - Sarah has it now

  • Benny back in hospital

    We had to take Benny back to the hospital today after he threw up all his milk again this morning. We've been there all day and he has been up and down. At one point the nurse gave him some biscuits and milk but he ended up throwing themback up.

    General concencus is that he has a virus but because of his dive out of his cot they've decided to keep him in overnight. So I've come home to sort out the kids and pick up stuff for Sarah. apparently I have to go back via McDonalds!

  • Ghost Story for Halloween

    We moved into the house when my daughter was very young. She had never settled in a cot and being too small to sleep in bed we ended up putting an old double mattress on the floor in her room and she slept happily on that. One of us would take her up to bed and get her settled every night. She would usually go off to sleep after a while and we would leave her there with a night light to illuminate the room.

    After a while she started waking up again about an hour or so later usually at the same time every night. It would mean that one of us would have to go up and get her settled again and it always took much longer to get her back to sleep. On about the fourth or fifth night I went up when she woke.

    I took her back into her room and put her back into bed and lay down beside her. I noticed that she wouldn't settle and kept sitting up and looking around the room. I decided to switch off the night light so she wouldn't be distracted. This made the room go really dark but my eyes slowly became accustomed to the dark. I decided to ask her what was waking her up.

    "The little girl" she replied

    "What little girl?" I asked

    "That little girl over there" She said sitting up and pointing towards the window.

    A cold shiver ran down my spine. I grabbed her and was downstairs in the kitchen in seconds. My wife said I suddenly appeared at the door as white as a sheet, clutching our daughter and babbling my head off about having to sell the house.

    This continued for quite some time, always at the same time every night. We got more information out of our daughter – the little girl was wearing pyjamas but was soaking wet and it was her birthday. She always appeared over by the window and wanted to play. My daughter said that she wouldn’t leave her alone even when she told her that she wanted to go to sleep. Even the cat could sense something as she would scratch at the carpet at the exact spot where the girl was said to appear.

    I even asked the neighbours who had both lived in the area for years if they knew of any tragedy in the area where a small child had died but neither of them did. It was of course possible that it had been centuries ago as the area we lived in had been listed in the Doomsday Book. It had been farm land until our house was built in 1904 and it the area had been bombed during the Second World War – a bomb exploding a few doors away.

    In the end I was given some advice by of all people the cleaner at work. She was a spiritualist and she suggested that the disturbance could be stopped if I shouted at it. She said that when it woke her up I should shout at it and tell it off for disturbing my daughter. She said to tell it that my daughter needed her sleep and if it didn’t stop disturbing her I would send it away and it wouldn’t get to see her anymore.

    Understandably I was very sceptical about this but one night when my daughter woke up I went into the room and did just that. I stood and shouted at the wall and told it to stop. And you know what – it worked my daughter never woke up or even mentioned the girl again. The cat stopped scratching too.

    However the phenomenon in that room didn’t stop – once I was sleeping in that room and was woken up by a man singing. It was a man with a deep voice singing a hymn in that old church manner. It certainly wasn’t one of the neighbours – I knew that. Also in mid 2003 we redecorated the room and then went away on holiday. While we were away a friend was feeding the animals and stayed over one night with another friend. When we returned there was a note saying that the other friend had seen a small girl while staying in the house. This scared my daughter so much that it was a week before she would go back in her room. Read her version of the story here.

    The house was sold in 2005 and before I left I stood at the doorway and shouted into the empty house warning whatever was there not to even think about following us.

  • I believe I can fly!

    So yesterday we spent at the hospital with Ben after he fell out of his cot. We have no idea how he did it as I was in the bedroom and Sarah was in the bathroom when we heard an almighty crash. Sarah was first on the scene and found chunky boy sitting in front of the mirror looking a bit dazed. We picked him up, dusted him down and put him back to bed.

    Sometime during the night he was sick, we didn't discover this till the following morning because when he did it he didn't cry. This rang alarm bells and we decided to take him down to casualty to be checked out. When we got there we saw the Triage Nurse and went back into the waiting room where Ben was promptly sick again. It went everywhere, over him, in his pushchair and all over the floor. At least it got the Doctor round pretty sharpish!!

    I headed back to the house to get some clean clothes for him and by the time I got back he'd been sent off to the childrens observation ward. We spent the next few hours there while the Doctors checked him out and eventually about half past two they let us go home.

    He's been off his food and very sleepy and a bit clingy but otherwise he seems ok. Sarah has taken the day off again today to look after him just in case. I bet he won't try that again in a hurry!!

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