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  • A blog for my brother

    'Ere Garry you're a senior Police officer maybe you can spot what is wrong with this picture.

    We have lived in our house for around 6 months now. In that time we have noticed that there are a few minor problems with vandalism and drunken behaviour on Friday and Saturday nights - nothing in the league of the guy who was kicked to death in your area - but enough to be of annoyance. My wing mirror was kicked off one night, I've had to pick up broken beer bottles from the front of the house on several occasions, next door's for sale sign has been kicked down more times than I care to remember - you get the picture. So with that and a number of quite vocal drunks wandering down the street in the early hours how many Police Officers have we seen in the street in those 6 months........


    Until today.... at the bottom of the street we have 10 armoured Police vans and about 40 Police officers -some in paramilitary uniforms with batons. Oh and apparently the area will be patrolled by a helicopter later - just in case! The reason?

    A football match - Gillingham's last game of the season in which they may be relegated.

    The two things that I can see are:

    Firstly - remember all those years ago when we used to follow Sunderland around? Well what would antagonise football fans more than a large visible Police presence.

    and secondly - if the money can be found for such a large Police presence today then why can't it be found for normal policing in street like ours (and other like it) every other day?

    I'll shut up now or you will think I've turned into our Dad!

  • Cara Cymru

    Welsh flag small

    We just got back from a lovely weeks holiday in Wales near Aberystwyth. The Weather was really nice for most of the week which was most unexpected. In fact we had better weather in April than we had in Southern France in August last year.

    We had picked the area because it was somewhere we had never been to but when we looked into it we found there were lots of interesting things to do and see. It is also a very scenic part of the world with stunning views.

    Aberystwyth Castle small

    On our first day - after we had made sure we had some food (didn't want to repeat the problem we had last year) we went into Aberystwyth to have a look around. We visited the castle and went down to the beach. We also noticed it had a Cliff lift which we investiagted later in the week (turns out it's the largest cliff lift in the UK.

    cliff lift

    One of the things that I noticed quite early was the number of steam railways there were in the area and we got to see not one, not two but three of them even though we only went on one of them. The first one we saw was the Vale of Rheidol railway which is in the centre of Aberystwyth. We happened to get to the station just as a train steamed in. It was a toss up between this one and the nearby Talyllyn railway as to which we went on.

    Ben and Rheneas

    In the end it was the Talyllyn because we found out that it was the railway on which the Rev W Awdry based the Skarloey Railway stories after he had worked there as a volunteer Guard. In fact the train that was in steam that day was No.2 Dolgoch which appears in the stories as Rheneas - the train that saved the railway. We also saw Rusty and I got a glimpse of Peter Sam in the sheds as we went past.

    GWR train

    On the way home we stopped off at the Welshpool & Llanfair Railway and once again just as we arrived a train pulled into the station. Ben amd I had an intersting discussion as I thought the train was like Duck (being a GWR engine) but he said it was like Percy because he was green!! We also spotted another railway when we went to King Arthurs Labyrinth - The Corris railway which also features in the stories of Rev Awdry but sadly iy wasn't in steam that day.

    Overall we had such a good time that we have booked to got back there next year at Easter to do some of the things we didn't get to do this time. Looking forward to it already!!

    boat at sunset

  • Crying over spilt milk

    I just watched the latest episode of Skins again

    I still can't believe Chris died - it was horrible

    Poor Cassie

  • A long time ago in a country not too far away

    A band called The Grateful Dead played what was one of the best versions of one of their songs.

    That was 36 years ago tonight at the Empire Pool at wembley

    The song was Dark Star and clocked in at around 32 minutes (and they didn't even reach the second verse!)

  • Feelin' old

    I was in the supermarket at the CD counter - phone pressed under one ear reading out the details on the back of a CD.

    First I heard myself complain that I needed my glasses to read the small print on the back

    Then I said I've never heard of any of these people - DJ something or other featuring somebady else.

    I wouldn't have minded if I'd been buying a CD for my daughter but it was for the missus!!

  • know which way the wind blows

    So two days after shivering in the snow I'm able to walk around in shirt sleeves at 7pm.

    Weirder and weirder!!

  • You don't need a weatherman....

    Thursday - hottest day of the year so far

    Today - snow

    Freaky weather or what?

  • BBC Radio Poo!

    I was listening to Radio 4 tonight when I picked Sarah up. She did her usual thing of getting into the car and saying "what's this rubbish you're listening to?"

    At that moment Ben said "It's Radio Poo!"


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