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  • What about me?

    On Saturday one daughter, one nephew and two German students are playing hide and seek in the house. During the course of the game the living room curtains manage to get pulled down, rail and all!

    So I have to stop what I'm doing, take all of the curtains off the rail, find all of the missing bits, climb on chairs, sofas and windowsills to put the rail back up, put one curtain up, take it back down again because I've put the rail upside down, remove said rail and turn it over and put it back up again, search for the bits that fall off again, put four curtains back up and then go back to what i was doing.

    Then on Sunday all four of them present Sarah with a homemade card apologising for misbehaving - just Sarah not ME!

  • The case of the vanishing vacuum cleaner

    Last week our vacuum cleaner suddenly stopped working - I checked all of the usual suspects like the wiring connections in the plug and the fuse but they were all fine. As it was just a cheap one we decided to buy another.

    After we did we put the old one out in front of the house ready for the bin men to take away. A couple of days later Sarah heard someone talking about it and it promptly vanished!!

    However the next morning it was back again!!

    And then the following evening it had gone again but this time the hose was left behind.

    Make your minds up!!


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