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  • Licence to print money

    Is it just me or do the Power companies set your monthly payments too low when you switch suppliers or move house and then let you run up a huge bill which ties you into them till you have paid off the balance.

    We moved in to our house in October last year - in November we switched to E-on who told us our payments would be £65 a month.

    After a few months we found out they had totally under estimated our reading at our old house and we now owed them over £1000. We were then told that our payment should have been £80 per month. With the money owed for our old property we now had to pay £140 per month

    we then found out they had under estimated our readings in the new property too and their current estimate is £159 per month (double what we were originally asked to pay. So with the money owed from the previous property and the money owed from this one they want us to pay £235 per month (and that is after they waived almost £600 of the back money.

    So we have gone from £65 to £235 in just under a year - talk about inflation and we are stuck with them for at least two years - after which they'll be dumped without a doubt!!

  • What a world we live in

    Yesterday Sarah was sitting with the kids in MacDonalds in Thornton Heath (near Crotdon)talking to her mum on the mobile. Ben was in the play area with his sister and cousin. Suddenly he let out a scream and came running over to his mum in tears. he had been bitten on the face by another child.

    This child was about the same age as Ben and launched an unprovked attack on him - ben had just been standing there quietly when it happened.

    The bite mark on his face was so bad that he needed to go to hospital to have it checked over. Thankfully the bite wasn't so deep and to require any major treatment but he has to take anti-biotics as a precaution and may need a tetanus injection.


    The staff in Macdonalds were useless and the person who Sarah asked didn't even know if they had a first aid kit. Luckily for them there wasn't a serious disturbance between the parents of the two children because I doubt they would have coped.

    Meanwhile Sarah's mum had driven down to the restaurant and while she was inside her car was keyed from one end to the other in the car park outside.

    And I think to myself what a wonderful world!


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