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  • The naked truth!

    I've been watching that Trinny and Suzanna program the Great British body and I had to laugh at the end! All through the program they were banging on about how they were going to get these people to strip off to help them deal with their body issues. In reality when it came to the crunch the only two people in the field who seemed to have issues about stripping off were....Trinny and Suzanna!! Everyone else got their kit off and lay about naked for hours on end while they organised the sculpture. The two of them wrapped themselves in space blankets and only shed them when they were so close together their bodies were actually hidden!!

    I wish I'd known about it - I would have been up there like a shot - never known to be shy about getting my kit off in public!! I always wanted to be in one of those Spencer Tunick pictures - maybe one day!!


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