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  • I love you, baby, but face it, she's Madonna

    I can't believe I just did that!!

    She said she wanted to go and see Madonna so I bought her tickets!!

    I'm still recovering from the shock!

  • Take your daughter to work day

    Sarah's eldest daughter's school organised a "Take your daughter to work" day and we were asked if we could take them with us to give them a taste of what a day in a work environment was like. So a couple of weeks ago I asked my boss if it was ok and to my surprise he said yes!

    So today she came in with me and found out just how boring work can be!! I got her to help me sort out some graphics for an event next week and generally observe what I did. The girls in admin nabbed her while I was talking to one of the Directors and got her putting purchase orders into envelopes and franking them.

    tydtw 1

    After a while I ran out of things for her to do and she started rummaging in my desk drawers and found a toy monkey which is now dangling from the back of my seat!

    tydtw 2

    Tomorrow she has to discuss her experience and give a presentation so I blagged her a company t-shirt to wear but she's just tried it on and it's miles too big!! Oh well maybe she'll grow into it!!

  • It's taken me 3 hours to get home

    All of 40 miles!!

    There was an accident on the London bound side of the M20/A20 and the motorway was shut. I don't know what had happened but as I past the spot the Police were turning all the traffic round preparing to get them to drive back down the motorway on the wrong side.

    Meanwhile it had taken me over an hour and a half to get the 5 miles to that point. The reason the driver of a 40' truck full of beer obviously hadn't spotted the stationary traffic in front of him and had to slam the brakes on. This caused him to turn over and as I passed the police were unloading the beer from the back of the truck as it lay on it's side across two lanes.

    Sometimes I hate the South East!

  • Try anything once.....

    ....except incest and Morris dancing!

    Well it finally happened I've gone back to Morris dancing. It happened at the Sweeps festival in Rochester last weekend when I was finally convinced to go back. So I went along to practise last Wednesday and again this afternoon - and to be honest I really enjoyed it. I'm also amazed how many of the dances I can actually remember after 2 years.

    Also today the side - Wolf's Head & Vixen - were in the Independent on Sunday magazine in an article entitled

    "Hey nonny no, no, no: Goths and pagans are reinventing morris dancing"

    you can see it here

    And there are pictures of the side here and here

    Here is one of them it's our friends Hanna and Matt with their daughter Lillie

    hanna and matt small


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