For the last few years I hosted my website on a server I built myself and which was positioned in my shed! Then in August 2014 we changed our lives by moving from Kent to a small town in County Durham and when we did I had to shut my websites down as the internet router we were given wouldn't allow me to do port forwarding. I had intended to replace it with one that did but then decided to get a hosting account again - this time with godaddy. In a typical twist of fate when I dug out the server to retrieve the files it wouldn't boot up! Since then I haven't had time to sort it out and I'm unlikely to find the time for a few weeks - so I found an old version which I've uploaded and that'll have to do while I work it all out! So please bear with me while I rebuild the sites!

Me at Glastonbury with Grateful dead tye-dye!!

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