Levellers – Paradiso Amsterdam 3rd February 1993

This gig for some particular reason is all a bit hazy!

I remember we went with my friends John and Alan which usually meant that things would get messy!

I think we flew to Amsterdam but didn’t have anywhere to stay so my wife and I suggested staying in this cool hotel we’d stayed at previously when we had a holiday here with some other friends. We were shown the same two rooms as we had had previously which were at the top of four very steep sets of stairs. Unfortunately the room that had bunk beds when we’d stayed before now had a double bed and our friends weren’t keen. We tired the place next door but we didn’t like it so we ended up staying in different hotels!

The reason we wanted to stay were we did was that there was a cracking bar downstairs and one to which we returned on the afternoon of the gig to find a couple of the Levellers! If I recall correctly it was Mark and Jeremy but they’d gone by the time our friends turned up!

I also seem to recall that despite having bought tickets for the gig in advance we were still stung when we got to the door for a membership fee.  We were a little the worse for wear by the time we got inside but I remember really enjoying the gig despite being a fair way from the stage.

Luckily I found this video of part of the concert and part of the support act Rev Hammer!

The set list from the above video is

Liberty Song
World Freak Show
Sell Out
Cardboard Box City
The Player
The Boatman

So from other setlists at the time I’m guessing that it then went something like:

Three Friends
Another Man’s Cause
Far From Home
Dirty Davey
The Game
Fifteen Years
The Riverflow
Battle of the Beanfield
One Way

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