Chuck Prophet – The Borderline, London 18th June 2003

This was the second time I got to see Chuck Prophet – the previous time being at the 12 Bar supporting Jackie Leven (although I do have a vague memory of seeing 9or at least hearing) Green on Red at Glastonbury in 1985!) On that previous occasion Chuck played solo with an acoustic guitar and a hole in his trousers! He kept apologising for the latter and when he got an unexpected encore he confessed he didn’t know what to play so I shouted Fire Trap as it seemed appropriate and he duly played it! he then came up behind me in the foyer during the break and said “good call!”

Tonight though he had a band with him which included his wife Stephanie Finch who was also the support act with her band Go Go Market! (I bought her CD at the gig) – When Chuck Prophet came on he picked up his guitar and when he tried to play it nothing happened. After a lot of poking and prodding he eventually decided that it was the effects peddle that was broken and just plugged his guitar directly into the amp and got on with it!

I saw him again a few weeks later on the second stage at Glastonbury.

Set List:

What Can You Tell Me
Til You Came Along
You Been Gone
That’s How Much I Need Your Love
I bow down
Shoot a more down, baby
After the Rain
Run Primo Run
It Won’t Be Long
Diamond Jim
Dyin’ All Young
Textbook Case
Old Friends
Hungry Town
Summertime Thing
Boogie Shoes

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