String Cheese Incident – Union Chapel, London 30th June 2003

I had just come back from Glastonbury where I had already seen the band twice and it was a mad dash to get back home, drop the kids off and get back into central London in time to get to the gig but somehow I made it. I remember I sat in the very back pew of the church and I attached my microphones onto the back wall with some gaffa tape I borrowed off the sound crew. The acoustics of the room aren’t great so I was glad when I got a copy of the show from the band’s On the Road Series.

There is a recording on but it’s not my recording – photos are from the friends of cheese  site and are by Steve Griffiths and Gary Grainger

Set 1:

Lonesome Fiddle Blues > Smile
Missin’ Me > Seventh Step
Walls of Time
Best Feeling > Dirk

Set 2:

It Is What It Is > Temperence Reel
White Freightliner Blues
On the Road > Emma’s Dream
Way Back Home


Jellyfish > Ramble On

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