The Dharmas – Maidstone Green Fair 27th May 1996

I first heard the Dharmas when they did a session on Johnnie walker’s show on Radio 1 – apparently he’d heard about them smuggling their instruments and PA into Glastonbury the previous year and playing outside one of the stalls. I really liked the jolly bouncy music they played so I really wanted to go and see them. As luck would have it they were playing at the Green Fair in Maidstone so we went through to catch their set.

I took my video camera and filmed part of their set but sadly I no longer have the tape but I did grab a few stills from it at some point in the past.

I bought a t-shirt that had their logo on the front and World Dharmanation on the back – I loved that t-shirt and wore it till it fell to pieces!

We also saw the Car Thieves who were the other band of one of the members of the Gurus of the New Millennium

The tiny video clip below is all I have left of the video I shot that day!

Here are some scans of the programme, a snip at 50p

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