Dread Zeppelin – Town & Country Club, London 4th July 1991

These were quite big at the time – a sort of cross over between Reggae and the music of Led Zeppelin! I seem to recall that we went with some friends who were going through a load of shit at the time and this distracted us for a part of the evening! This could also be the gig where as we left we were approached by a tramp and asked for money but we were so stoned we could barely talk and just ended up bursting into fits of laughter and walking away!

Set list was probably something like:

Immigrant Song
Black Dog (Including Custard Pie)
Whole Lotta Love
Nobody’s Fault but Mine
Do the Claw
The Song Remains the Same
Big Ol’ Gold Belt
Your Time Is Gonna Come
Stairway to Heaven

Here’s a video of a show from 1991

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