Rory Gallagher – Newcastle City Hall, 18th February 1977

This was the second proper gig we went to and after seeing Thin Lizzy in November the previous year this gig cemented our gig going forever!  I can’t remember how we came about going to see Rory Gallagher but I suspect the Album Live in Europe was probably responsible and I think I can probably guess whose record collection it was in!

We had tickets up in the balcony which cost us £1! One of the highlights as I remember it was that during an acoustic section midway through Rory played Going to my Hometown on the mandolin – I’ve loved that track ever since! I suspect the bit where he played Bullfrog Blues followed by Messin with the Kid towards the end was popular too!

The band consisted of Gallagher on guitar, Gerry McAvoy on bass, Rod de’Ath on drums and Lou Martin on piano – the latter reminded us of the piano player off the Muppets for some reason!

Set List

Do You Read Me
Bought and Sold
Calling Card
Tattoo’d Lady
Secret Agent
A Million Miles Away
I Take What I Want
Out on the Western Plains
Barley and Grape Rag
Pistol Slapper Blues
Too Much Alcohol
Going to My Home Town
Edged in Blue
Garbage Man
Souped-Up Ford
Bullfrog Blues
Messin’ With the Kid
Used to Be
Country Mile
I’m Tore Down

Photograph of Rory at Newcastle City Hall – Mark McGovern, 1977

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