Cheap Trick – Newcastle Mayfair 31st March 1978

I can’t remember why we went to see Cheap Trick at the Mayfair – it was a difficult venue to get home from so there must have been a good reason to have to go to all the bother t get a parent to come and pick you up afterwards!

It was probably either because of their single I want you to want me or because we saw them on the OGWT and liked the look of them (particularly the quirky guitarist) The tickets were the princely sum of £1.20 and violin playing (punk) band Bethnal were the support act – the second time we’d seen them as they supported Hawkwind the year before.

Although he guitar played hammed it up for the audience and we enjoyed it at the time I never really bothered with them again – at one point the guitar player threw loads of plectrums into the audience – I still have one!

This was the setlist from the next show – I suspect the setlist in Newcastle was similar:

Hello There
Come On, Come On
Elo Kiddies
Taxman, Mr. Thief
Oh, Candy
You’re All Talk
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
Big Eyes
Can’t Hold On
Southern Girls
Please, Mrs. Henry
I Want You to Want Me
He’s a Whore
California Man
Down on the Bay
Goodnight Now
Ain’t That a Shame
Clock Strikes Ten

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