Judie Tzuke – Salford University 3rd March 1981

The gig fell on the day after the May Bank Holiday and as it was Rag day there were no lectures that day either so like a fool I missed out on my first Rag day and went home for a long weekend returning just in time to meet up with my friends and go to the gig. As the gig was the Rag Ball shared with all the other universities in Manchester it was absolutely rammed.

I had liked Judie Tzuke a few years previously becaus eof her hit with the haunting Stay with me till Dawn – she was also gorgeous of course! I don’t remember many details about the actual gig except that she played all the songs I knew!

Support was The Institute and the setlist was probably similar to:

You Are the Phoenix
Welcome to the Cruise
Stay With Me Till Dawn
Living on the Coast
City of Swimming Pools
Fate’s Wheels
Southern Smiles
Katiera Island
Ladies Night
The Choices You’ve Made
Black Furs
Sports Car
For You
New Friends Again

Judie Tzuke picture – photograph unknown

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