Gurus of the New Millennium 1998-1999

The Gurus of the New Millennium were a local Medway band that we went to see quite a bit between 1998 and 1999. They were Jim Riley on guitar and vocals, Glenn Barnes on guitar and vocals, vern Hampton drums and Stu Cunningham on bass.

They played a mixture of covers and original songs and were probably best known for their cover of the Richie Havens song Freedom that they usually closed their shows with. They were really good live and probably the closest you would have got to the spirit of a 1960s gig (or at least what you thought a 1960s psychedelic rock gig would have been like!)

They put out a couple of albums – one is as far as I can see still available on Amazon (There’s one less now because I just bought a copy because my ex wife took the original – one of the few CDs I did let her have!!)

I’m sure we might have seen them on more occasions than the ones listed below but these are the ones I remember!


27th March Gurus of the New Millennium Spanner in the Works Tunbridge Wells

16th May Gurus of the New Millennium Beacon Court, Gillingham

19th July Gurus of the New Millennium Man of Kent, Rochester

4th Oct Gurus of the New Millennium The Brewers


26th March Gurus of the New Millennium, Canterbury Inst Art Design

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  1. The Gurus
    The best band of the late nineties in Medway. I made almost everyone of their gigs and their music, whether a cover or an original, was always sublime. I’d love to see them live again

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