Domefest – Durham 15th July 1979 and 29th June 1980

I went to Domefest in 1979 and 1980 but really can’t remember much about it other than it was a nice little festival on a strip of land down by the River Wear. I’m pretty sure my Dad would have told me about it in 1979 as I think he was working in Durham at the time, he may even have driven me over on the way to work. I’ve no idea who I went with that first time, it could have been my brother or maybe I even went on my own. I know the following year I got the bus through to Durham with my girlfriend as the bus ticket is stuck in my scrapbook!

It was mostly local bands, some of which I would have known from Friday nights at the Mayfair in Sunderland. There was a mix of styles from punk to rock with the odd folk singer thrown in as well. In 1980 an unknown band with a strange name appeared and it was quite a surprise a few months later when Prefab Sprout came to national attention!
I often wondered why I didn’t go again after 1980 but looking at this site it would seem that was the last one – a victim of Thatcherite cuts no doubt!

Bands appearing in 1979

White Heat
Star Trouper
Jonathan Gardener
Penelope Poloroid and the Hormones
The 45’s



The 45s

White Heat

Bands Appearing in 1980

Prefab Sprout
Big Picture
Catatonian Quartet
Treatment Room
Negative Throb

Big Picture


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