Bob Dylan – Hammersmith Odeon 9th February 1993

When I first went to see Bob Dylan in 1978 he played six nights at Earls Court. The second of these coincided with my last O-level exam. I moaned on for ages to my parents about how he hadn’t toured since 1969 and how it could be another 10 years before he came back, if ever!. For some reason tickets were sold in outlets all over the UK except Newcastle so I couldn’t get one. I even threatened to take all of my holiday money out of the bank and hitchhike to London after my last exam (I was 16!) and stand outside Earls Court until someone sold me a ticket.

Another date was added to the tour at Blackbushe Aerodrome but it clashed with a family holiday. My father eventually let us go to the show and so not only did I get to see Dylan but I went to my first festival as well. Every time I saw Dylan after that my mother always said “I thought you said he wouldn’t ever come back” Sadly this was the first time I saw Dylan without hearing that as sadly she had passed away shortly after the previous gig at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1990.

A few years after the gig I was talking to a freelancer at work and he said to me that he’d worked at the Odeon when Dylan was playing there (no idea if it was this year or not) and they had had to search the building for him just before showtime and eventually found him passed out under the stage. He put forward a reason why but I won’t repeat it because it is obviously hearsay but if you watch the above video he does look as if he is away with the fairies on something!

Maggie’s farm
Every grain of sand
All along the watchtower
Tangled up in Blue
I don’t believe you (she acts like we never have met)
Memphis blues again
She belongs to me
Tomorrow night
Jim Jones
Mr. Tambourine Man
Don’t think twice it’s alright
Cats in the well
I and I
The times they are a changin’
Highway 61
Ballad of a thin man
Everything is broken
It ain’t me babe

Support was Roddy Frame from Aztec Camera and Dave Stewart played on Highway 61!

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  1. The Dylan under the stage incident was probably during the 1991 Hammersmith run, he was drunk every night on that tour.

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