Sammy Hagar – Newcastle City Hall 14th February 1980

I was talked into going to this gig by my brother and his friends as it wasn’t/isn’t my sort of thing! I don’t remember much about the gig except that if you wrote your name on the back of one of the flyers shown they would put your name on a special edition poster which would be included with his new album Danger Zone. I did and I am told that my name was on the poster although I have never seen it! If anyone has one and want to look for it I was just Kevin Shewan then and if you could scan it for me I’d be grateful 

Support was Riot

Confused by this now! The ticket clearly says 14th February but my records show 12th April! It’s listed under both dates on so I don’t know if I went on the date on the ticket or if it was postponed and I went on the later date!

Setlist was probably like this:

Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)
Love or Money
Miles from Boredom
In the Night
Young Girl Blues
Plain Jane
20th Century Man
The Iceman
This Planet’s on Fire (Burn in Hell)
Turn Up the Music
Bad Motor Scooter
Bad Reputation
Space Station #5
Cruisin’ and Boozin’
Growing Pains

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