Didi Bergman, Spindly Killers – Unplugged at the Command House, Chatham 24th April 2011

There was a pub in Chatham down by the river that for a time put on some good gigs on the outdoor stage that they had in their car park – I went to a couple but never got to spend as much time watching bands there as I would have liked because it was always over a weekend where we had lots to do! On one weekend in April 2011 they had an unplugged weekend and I wanted to go because I wanted to see local singer Didi Bergman.

I had seen her sing a couple of times at various gigs organised by the Medway Eyes group where they would pick a topic like 1967 or the Thatcher years and get local musicians to come along and sing a song that related to the topic but I hadn’t yet seen her do a set in her own right. I managed to be allowed out for a couple of hours as we had students staying with us and as it was such a beautiful day I decided to walk down to the pub.

I got to see two performers that afternoon – Did Bergman who was superb and another local musician Porlie Eidolon who was performing under the name Spindley Killers. It seemed a shame to have to leave after such a short time but we had things to do and places to go!

Didi Bergman Setlist

The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
Medway Delta Love Song
A Happy Song
Dog Shit Street
Sooner or Later
On My Mind
She Moves through the Fair

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