Budgie – Sunderland Mayfair 9th January 1981

I saw a mention of this gig on a Facebook group I belong to and thought to myself “I wish I’d seen Budgie at the Mecca” then not only did I find out that I had been at the gig but that it was me who had posted the picture of  ticket stub!!

The ticket was £1.60 paid on the door and it was the second or third time I’d seen the band (previous gig(s) were at the City Hall in Newcastle).

I still don’t remember seeing them this night though!

Set list was probably something like (and this might explain why I don’t remember the gig as they had dropped all my favourite tracks except Breadfan!)

Panzer Division Destroyed
Crime Against the World
Some People
Nutbush City Limits
Don’t Lay Down and Die
Zoom Club
Wild Fire

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  1. I was there that night, it was awesome, I don’t remember the actual set list but it was so loud and punchy. They were brilliant.

    To this day I still listen to them at least once a month. I was only able to get 2 albums at the time, Impeckable & If i were Brittania I’d Waive the Rules in Australia when i returned.

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