Danse Society – Newcastle Tiffanys 29th February 1984

I think this was the only one of two times I went to a gig at Tiffanys in Newcastle (the other being the Cocteau Twins a few months later). I seem to recall going to a rock night there during my time at Newcastle Poly and one night we were sitting outside waiting to pick my Dad up from some boozy Police do and I joked that Robert Plant might pop in after he’d finished playing at the City Hall and to our surprise a few minutes later we did indeed see him going past – we know it was him because he mentioned going when we went to see his second show the following night!

I’d seen the Danse Society about a year earlier in Manchester but went that time because my mates band The Daze were supporting them. Since then they had released their version of 2000 light years from home and I think we had their album Heaven is Waiting. Looking back the Goth Rockers weren’t as dark and I remember them being at the time!

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