Voice of the Beehive – The Underworld, Camden 28th June 1991

I don’t remember much about this gig – I think my (pregnant) wife was at her mums and I went out to play with my friends!

The two things I do remember were that the Underworld had been transformed into some sort of Sex Dungeon which odd things going on in alcoves – video screens showing dubious videos and young ladies performing (tame obviously) sex acts on each other. Apparently the gig was billed as Orgy in the Underworld!

The other thing I remember was that my friend had been to see them the previous night and for some reason he had brought along the underpants that he had worn that night! When the band came back on for their encore he launched them towards the stage and the snagged on the lead singers microphone stand which made us all laugh – not as much as we did when during the song she spotted them and put them on her head!

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  1. I was a doorman for years at underworld, best years of my life,music was great,the people I met wont be forgotten, the voice of beehive was a great gig,emphasis on sex

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