Pinkies – Salford University 11th February 1983

Support Acts The Out & The Daze

At first I couldn’t remember who the Pinkies were let alone this gig so I googled to see if anything turned up – and this video did…

Then I suddenly remembered the story about the gig. They were booked to appear in the disco area of the Salford University Students Union. It got to about 5pm and there was no sign of the band and/or crew so we were starting to panic. We already had local Manchester band The Out supporting so we decided they’d headline and we asked our mates band The Daze if they would play too. We were just trying to organise a PA system when the Pinkies finally arrived. All three bands played in the end! If I recall correctly the Pinkies sound guy tried to get the The Daze to give him money because they had played using his PA system – he got told to fuck off by the promoter!

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