Michelle Shocked – North London Poly 10th February 1987

I can’t remember whose radio show I first heard the Texas Campfire Tapes on but I loved it from the very first hearing. The story was that the album was recorded on a cheap tape recorder at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas and the resulting recording was released by record company Cooking Vinyl in 1986. I bought a copy in Virgin Records Oxford Street as soon as I could.

I was itching to go and see her and finally got the chance in February 1987 at North London Polytechnic. I don’t know why I chose this gig as she played at the Sir George Robey a few nights earlier which I would have thought I would have preferred. I don’t recall where the venue was but seem to remember a smallish room. The support act was Rory McLeod and if I recall correctly Michelle Shocked had to borrow his guitar for the gig. I seem to recall she turned up quite late having come hot foot from a radio interview and without her guitar. I also seem to remember that there was a couple of people behind me that chatted throughout the entire gig!


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