Michael Messer – The Hawth, Crawley 24th January 2003

This was the first gig I went to after I split up with my first wife. In the end 2003 turned out to be a crazy year and I went to lots of gigs with my newfound freedom (even though I actually ended up meeting my new wife quite early on!) At this point I had arranged to be away for the weekend so that my ex could spend some time with the kids and I can’t be sure but this gig was chosen because it was close to where my Dad lived and I could head back there afterwards, stay overnight and get him to give me a lift to the airport the next morning as I was flying to Glasgow for Celtic Connections!

I don’t think I’d ever heard of Michael Messer before but I seem to recall I enjoyed the gig which was in a quite small intimate hall. I must have enjoyed it because I bought a CD afterwards! Not sure if Ed Genis was the support act or appearing with Michael Messer! Looking at his website would suggest the latter! In that case they did two sets!

Here’s a clip of the two of them together

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