Mike Oldfield – Newcastle City Hall 22nd May 1980

Ever since I’d heard Tubular Bells I wanted to see Mike Oldfield perform it live so it was very exciting when he announced a rare tour in 1980 – we got really good tickets for it too, right in the middle down the front.

The band featured Maggie Reily on vocals and Gong drummer Pierre Moerlen, the only time I can remember seeing him. The tour was to promote Oldfield’s latest album Platinum but obviously featured his older works such as Tubular Bells which let’s face it was what everyone wanted to hear!

Set list

Platinum, Part 1
Platinum, Part 2
Platinum, Part 3
Platinum, Part 4
I Got Rhythm
Incantations (Part 1)
Incantations (Part 2)
Incantations (Part 3)
Incantations (Part 4)
Tubular Bells, Part One
Tubular Bells, Part Two
Ommadawn, Part One
Blue Peter
Radetzky March, Op.228 @Cover[Johann Strauss I]
Blaydon Races

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