UFO – Newcastle Mayfair 23rd June 1978

Almost a year on from the first time we saw them at the Mayfair in Newcastle and by this point we’d also seen Cheap Trick and AC/DC at the same venue so we were obviously confident enough to buy an advance ticket for the gig on the grounds that we would probably get in without a problem – which we did!

I obviously took a camera along but it was only a cheap one with a flash cube on the top so the pictures didn’t come out very well. The best two were pictures of Michael Schenker who was still in the band at that time although it would be the last time we’d see him. In my memories I was standing on the  left hand side of the stage and was looking across the stage to Schenker who was on the right hand side – except that videos from that year would suggest he was on the side I was on! I suppose that might explain why it was only pictures of him that came out!

The other thing I remember was that as we were right at the front I reached out my hands at one point and actually grabbed the bottom strings of Pete Way’s bass – he didn’t look very happy and moved a bit further back!

The set list was:

Hot ‘n’ Ready
Pack It Up (And Go)
Let It Roll
Love to Love
Only You Can Rock Me
Ain’t No Baby
Natural Thing
Out in the Street
Doctor Doctor
Lights Out
Rock Bottom
Too Hot to Handle
Shoot Shoot

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    1. Thanks Peter – I saw your post the other day about trying to remember if you were at this gig!!

      Your site was obviously the inspiration for this one!

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