String Cheese Incident – Mean Fiddler, London 30th March 2004

If I remember correctly the gig was originally scheduled for the Astoria on Charing Cross Road but due to poor ticket sales it was shunted down the road to the Mean Fiddler which wasn’t as good a venue. This was the fourth time I’d seen the band having caught all three of their UK shows – two at Glastonbury and one at the Union Chapel – the previous year.

Being a taper friendly band I was able to set up my equipment in front of the sound desk with my microphones hung on the grill of the box. The official sound recorder even told us when to start recording when they came back on for the second set! I still bought the official On the Road CD and I seem to recall that you can hear me shout at the start of one of the songs!

Set 1
Come As You Are
Joyful Sound
Chili Dawg
Just Passin’ Through
Missin’ Me
Best Feeling
Can’t Stop Now

Set 2
Valley of the Jig
Way Back Home
Yo Sé
Betray the Dark
Restless Wind

Top photo taken by me – not sure who took the rest

Download the recordings:

Audience recording – streaming also available

Official On the Road  recording

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