Tuk Tuk, Matt & Phreds, Manchester

I was working in Manchester and after checking into the hotel my colleague suggested meeting in half an hour to get something to eat. We went to a all you can eat buffet just around the corner which was nice but I think I ate too much! Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and my colleague said goodnight – it was only 8pm!

So I headed out to go to Matt and Phreds Jazz club. I’d looked on their website and they had a jazz trio from Cardiff playing called Tuk Tuk. I walked over to the Northern Quarter and all the way there was thinking about a nice pint of Hobgoblin ale but sadly when I got there it was off! I bought cider instead and headed off to find somewhere to sit down. I spotted a reserved table near the front but as I remembered from last time these sometimes sit empty so I just went and sat on it thinking if someone came I’d move. No one ever did except someone else who asked if I minded if her and his girlfriend sit there too!

The band were quite good although the first set didn’t inspire me that much. In fact I felt that it wasn’t really until part of the way through the second set that they hit their stride. The last song before the end of the second set not only inspired me to stay for part of the third but to buy their CD as well!


After I left I wandered back to the hotel but took a detour so I could walk down Canal Street. I wish this place had been here when I was at university but I guess that things weren’t so open then! One day I’ll pluck up enough courage to go into one of the bars – maybe one of the tranny ones!

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