Black Sabbath – Newcastle City Hall 18th May 1980

I wasn’t bothered about going to see Sabbath after Ozzy left but as he was replaced by Ronnie James Dio, who my girlfriend loved, we had to go and see them! They had a new album out called Heaven and Hell which about half the set came from. Dio had started using a  new hand gesture which the sign of the horns which he threw every few minutes! We had tickets up in the balcony and I took my camera along and I think I managed to get down the front to take a couple of shots. I know I took quite a few but my ex-wife had a load of them. The one below is the only one I can find for now – maybe I’ll find the negatives one day and scan them in!

Set List

War Pigs
Neon Knights
Lonely Is the Word
Sweet Leaf
Drum Solo
Children of the Sea
Black Sabbath
Heaven and Hell
Iron Man
Guitar Solo
Die Young

I found a recording either of the gig (or the following evening’s gg) online

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