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My name is Kevin and I have worked in Live Events for over 30 years.  I’ve worked as a Show Technician, Project Manager, Cameraman and Video Editor and currently work as a Presentation Graphics Designer.

I have recently returned to my native North East after living and working in London and Kent for nearly 30 years. I now live in the small town of Tow Law which is in County Durham, on the edge of Weardale, on the edge of the North Pennines, on the edge of a dark sky area…it’s a very edgy place!

My hobbies are music, photography and computers which is the same as my job really. I enjoy exploring the surrounding countryside with my dog Teddi!


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  1. Hi Kevin,
    I came across your site whilst reading about Springsteen playing Manchester Apollo in ’81. Although I’ve been to a few gigs over the years, I missed the great performances of the 80’s I wished I’d have seen, and now at 46 years of age we’re trying to cram in as many live gigs of the old artists as possible (plus classic smaller venues) before they all call it a day ,one way or the other! Just wanted to say it’s been an absolute pleasure reading all your stories of days out seeing some brilliant artists over the years, and kudos to you both attending Glasto with a toddler and pregnant!

    All the best

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