How would you feel?

This is a bit of a moan about people using my photographs without asking permission. I’ve discovered twice this week that someone has used one of my photographs in what I would consider a commercial situation and on neither occasions has anyone contacted me and asked my permission. On neither occasion have I been credited as the photographer and of course on neither occasion have I been rewarded for the use of what is my property.

The first one was that I discovered that one of the bands that played SoL last year was planning on releasing a limited edition vinyl recording of their appearance. While I was also interested in where they had obtained the recording I spotted that one of the photographs on the cover was one I had posted to the Facebook group during the event. To add insult to injury they had used the photograph three times, once in it’s entirety and twice as a cropped version.

Then yesterday I discovered that the Brighton Dome were using one of my photographs to advertise a upcoming gig by reggae band Misty in Roots. Again I would consider this a commercial use and again I wasn’t contacted by either band or venue to ask permission and again there is no photographer credit.

I mean what do you do? I can kick up a fuss but I suspect all that would get me would be an apology and possibly the removal of the image (probably to be replaced by another image that they have found on the internet). Should I just take it on the chin and be pleased that they used my image? If I do that surely the profession of photographer is dead as no one would ever be able to earn a living from it!